Saturday, October 18, 2008

La Gabbia lives!

I have this morning trekked through light rain to view the presentation of plans to re-develop the former Berger paint factory site on behalf of the developers Metnor Group plc and the University of  Northumbria. More on this later.

During the brief conversation I had with one of the staffers on duty I was told that a recently opened (and good) Italian restaurant on the fringe of the proposed development, La Gabbia (see photograph), had 'closed'. (I asked the question twice so there can be no confusion, at least not on my side.) On my way back home I detoured to see for myself if this sad news was true. Instead of shutters and 'To Let' signs I found the business was about to open. More, it was cheerfully advertising 'Coming Events', including Christmas.

I was so relieved I contacted La Gabbia via their web site –

This is what I have written to La Gabbia:

I was surprised and a little saddened to learn from a representative of the company promoting the re-development of the paint factory site for student flats that La Gabbia had 'recently' closed. I hope this is not the case. I had a very enjoyable evening with you recently and regard your arrival as a bonus to the area. The company handling the PR for the developers might care to hear from you.

Indigo Public Affairs can be reached at

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