Wednesday, September 7, 2016

London Wins Again

News just in that an architectural critics award known as ther 'Carbuncle Prize', named after a famous remark made by H.R.H. the Prince Charles when he saw a proposed 'addition' to Trafalgar Square designed by Sir Richard Rogers, has been announced in London.

Actually, I agree with the developers of the Lincoln Plaza (dreadful name but when your target clients are foreign investor's ...) that if it sells it must be doing something right. At least the building stirs up some reactions and responses. Much of what has been heaped upon Tyneside has been so mediocre it isn't even bizarre.

The Grade A* starred site of the old Cattle Market, just to the west of the Central Sation and next to Terry Farrell's Centre for Life, was crying out for something special; after all it's almost the first sight from the train coming into the city. What it got was a piece of 'tear a strip off and build it' space holder, now known as Jury's Inn. That must be worth ignoring with some sort of recognition surely?

Jury's Inn: Style less

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