Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Battlefield to Baltic Part the First

The sun has deserted today, but a late run of fine days in late summer included one when I took my camera on a walk from Battlefield (a.k.a. City Stadium) to the Baltic Art Gallery overlooking the River Tyne.

The area is changing rapidly as yet more student flats are being constructed and several new blocks have opened their doors. The transformation of the Battlefield (a.k.a. City Stadium) has been a bit breath taking. Once planned to be converted a major car park (1300 spaces!) and having survived some other plans (offices. 'we' need more empty offices apparently) what has happened is the least worse option. I hope some small measure of landscaping around the present paint factory 'student village' (puke) makes the spaces of battlefield and Lower Ouseburn 'knit' together in a way that ensures both have the best of futures. Fingers crossed?

A walk from Battlefield to the Baltic one fine day thus summer: slideshow off site link. (Jalbum)

(Note: This replaces in part a post made yesterday 14th September that ran into gremlins ...)

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