Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bland is planned

Not a great day for photography; but clear skies have been rare in these first weeks of the New Year.

Work on two new halls of residence on the old Paint Factory site has begun in ernest*. Soil has been removed and newer arrived. Presumably the old stuff was the "contaminated" soil that prevented this site becoming blocks of private apartments last century. Who knows? Who is telling?

I am growing accustomed to the arrival of these blocks around Battlefield. I do hope enough of the old buildings, an old terrace for example, can survive and perhaps give a much needed 'focus' to this somewhat bland array of dense living spaces. Who knows? If the dreadful corporate architecture and street furniture wears away as quickly here as it has elsewhere, something like an atmosphere might be created and nearby Stepney Bank and the Lower Ouseburn thrive with new life and purpose. I have to be optimistic.

A slide show. (Off site link.) Note snowdrops are almost out thanks to global warming.

Battlefield Tour Jan 2016

*Not to be confused with the superb Ernest's bistro at the bottom of Shieldfield Lane. If you haven't already, try it.

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