Thursday, December 31, 2015



Woolsington Hall 1828

"More than 30 firefighters battled to put out a blaze at the historic Woolsington Hall in Newcastle on Tuesday night.
The blaze broke out at the Grade ll-listed building at around 8.30pm and fire crews fought to tackle the flames in high winds." (Newcastle Evening Chronicle)


Burnt down. They got their wish. Deliberately neglected by a multi millionaire who has bought his way into the north east cabal, this Grade II Listed gem was abandoned to its fate by precisely those organisations established to protect such buildings. They failed because they meant to. To achieve this level of crookedness in plain sight without the local media noticing and Plod nowhere to be seen fills one with a perverse inverse admiration for these crooks. Stitched up? They used lasers! So a shower of unscrupulous bastards is getting what they want by any means necessary. Around the north east this blatant sleaze is called 'getting things done'. Rot them!

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