Saturday, December 4, 2010

One for Teri

Doyen blogger (it's not enough of a title – "flanneur" is better) Teri Tynes whose "Walking off the Big Apple" is a complete, peerless, gem, likes my snow pictures. Well, courtsey of artist friend Judith Anne Tomlinson here is one for Teri:

Waterfall, Jesmond Dene December 2010 
© Judith Anne Tomlinson 2010

Jesmond Dene last week. 'Dene' is a word here describing a narrow valley running back from the euphonmous River Tyne as it passes through Newcastle. 'Tyne', confusingly, was an Anglo-Saxon word meaning river. (River River?) The Dene at Jesmond is a large Public Park and subject to recent restoration work. More on that some other time, but, suffice to say it is one of the better legacies of billionaire arms salesman Lord Armstrong, one of those self made Victorian magnates that inspired a thousand novels, and now televison series, on the rags to riches theme.


Teri Tynes said...

Why am I seeing this just now? That's my fault for not crossing the pond more often. Beautiful. Thanks so much.

Anton Deque said...

Thanks Teri and welcome. I showed your site "walking off the Big Apple" to a friend today' immediatley she wanted to come over to your side of the pond! Some great posts recently, just lovely images and prose.