Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow on snow

Snow has the power to transform even mundane scenes with its fragile beauty; even more than sunshine. Three days last week it snowed and these images show the result. There are more, including captions on battlefieldthebeautiful's web photograph galleries on Flickr.


Teri Tynes said...

Lovely snow pictures, Anton. And Indeed I came to your website looking for snow pictures. Not disappointed. I like seeing images of the snowy landscape before it melts or becomes trampled.

Anton Deque said...

Teri, many thanks. I have more! Also my dear friend Judith McKie-Tomlinson has given me permission to post one of her recent studies. This is proving to be a hard winter. It has snowed for a week and tempratures have been record breakingly low overnight. Still, England are doing well in sunny Australia!