Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pronounced "Bouquet"

According to someone this city is green ...

Reading through the B.B.C.'s report however, I see such matters as 'education' are lassoed in the use of this term. I wonder then how bad every where else must be on the 'green scale'?

In fairness, the people who look after the city's green spaces do a grand job and I know local environment officials take their tasks seriously. The Council is a different matter.


I have abandoned my quest to discover the planning details of the massive building being whacked up on Shieldfield Lane. It is after all, a fact now.

Soon it will look like this:

(Hat Tip:

A whole section of the city around Melbourne Street sandwiched beside the railway has already been turned over to student 'flats' and together with the development of the old paint factory site ("Portland Green" – where do they get these terrible Hyacinth Bucket names from?) this part of the city is indeed to become a giant student 'ghetto' in the opinion of some. I am just worried what will happen to the Battlefield open space and the vague notions prevalent all over the political sphere that 'something must be done with it'.

I must comment sometime on the prevailing 'architectual style' (sic) being smeared like greasepaint over the face of this famous city.

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