Saturday, November 7, 2009

"In need of landscaping" Part the Second

Out early (-ish) today I welcomed the sunshine, now at an intimidating angle. Battlefield was quiet, just a few strollers and a jogger on the running track. The air was crisp and not a cloud nor vapour trail to scar the blue overhead.

Does Battlefield need landscaping then? I let you be the judge.

A familiar high pitched 'peep' from the woods by the railway viaduct. A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew by, the sun making its red patches conspicuous.

In the distance this looms into view.

I am waiting to learn more about this 'construction' which did not feature on the re-development plans put forward at public 'consultations'. It is being built by Metnor Group plc, well known business park and warehouse constructors, whose representatives described Battlefield to me as "threatening". You can be the judge of that too.


Johnny said...

interesting pic of the construction there.

I believe this is student accomodation - the second scheme listed in post number 13 here -

BTW would it be possible to show this photo on the forum?

All the best,

Anton Deque said...

Yes, please go ahead but can you give the site a 'hat tip'? (That goes for anyone else who may wish to use photographs from BattlefieldtheBeautiful.

I am attempting to discover what planning application this development has been granted. So far nothing. It was not part of the public presentation by Metnor I went to view.

Best Wishes!