Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clocks and clouds

I once began a review of an exhibition about artistic responses to the subject of climate by writing "It is a cliché that when two strangers from these islands meet they begin by discussing the weather." For a cliché to work however, there must be a grain of truth in it.

Our weather has this week brought spells of intense heat followed by bouffant clouds bubbling and tearing open to reveal seraphic blue over which some divine artist has dragged a brush loaded with cream; or, dotted with a herring bone of gauze. In turn one (if you are that kind of 'one' at least) is reminded of Samuel Palmer's 'Valley with a Bright Cloud' or the even more sumptuous (less mystic perhaps?) creations of Tiepelo, concoctions of sensuousness over which to drape the young and supple models standing in for the old gods.



Oh, well! Here are my efforts with a camera!

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