Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out of the blue

Suddenly, we have summer! I have already eaten out of doors more times this past fortnight than I managed to do in the whole of 2008!

In weather such as this (I left the tree tops in the frame in the first photograph just to prove it wasn't just a rectangle of blue I'd d run up on the computer!) "threatening" Battlefield and the "in need of landscaping" City Stadium come into their own. Yesterday, late in the day (presumably after lectures) the local student population was out in strength lying about in the very warm sunshine* in groups and couples all across the grass or seeking shade from the many fine trees. I do not stroll about photographing semi-unclothed young people and children for reasons I think will be obvious to you; but, I hope these images convey something of what the space has to offer.

It refutes the claims made against this piece of inner urban open space by those greedy to cash in or too blinded by 'schemes' to appreciate what is front of their eyes. For those who neither have the means or time to jet off to the sun – women with young children to keep amused for example – then, this lovely, safe, traffic free space is a God send.

Long may it last!

*Please! Use sun blocker and take care! Also take litter home. But above all, make use of 'Battlefield'.

A selection of recent photographs of this hot spell will be put on the 'Battlefieldthebeautiful' Flickr site in due course.

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