Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Over the Hill and far away

I have today received a letter from Louise Hill, Senior Administrative Officer in the office of the (deep breath) 'Director of Strategic Housing, Planning and Transportation Environment and Regeneration Directorate' (presumably run by, er, God) concerning my objection to the development of 2000 students flats on the former paint factory site*.

Ms Hill writes:

"I refer to the above proposal. The City Council either notified you about the application when it was received or you submitted your comments about the proposal to the City Council." (Sub text, either way, what does it matter?)

"I now have to inform you that the local planning authority considered the proposal and the following decision has been made:

To grant permission subject to conditions." (Unspecified)

" In coming to a decision, the local planning authority took account of the views you expressed." These were also 'expressed' by all three local Councillors and the local representatives of another political party. Only one letter of support for the scheme was received.

"A copy of the Decision Notice is available to download from:" LINK

Except it is not. Instead I was today greeted by this:

'WARNING: The record you have tried to retrieve could not be found. It may have been deleted by another user or process. Please verify that the record exists by using the search tools.'

So I am still in the dark as to why a scheme which was opposed by all the elected and virtually all the interested local parties was shuffled through. But, with this city's record in urban planning, who could really be surprised?

* Actually addressed not to me but to the 'Owner/Occupier'.

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