Monday, April 13, 2009

Lose some win some


As predicted the student 'ghetto' proposed for the former paint factory site overlooking Battlefield is to go ahead. I received no acknowledgement of my objection having been considered; however it seems I was not alone. Read more here.

Locally elected Councillors were 'over ruled'.


The Newcastle "Journal" is reporting (11.04.09) that the long saga over permission to build a thirty something storey tower in the Lower Ouseburn is over. The developers have sold their slab of land and the scheme which has hung over the area like a curse is finished. But given this city's record – what next?

Incidentally, The Newcastle "Jounal" and journalist Tony Henderson have a fine record of standing up for what is best in the built environment and campaigning against the excesses of the planners at the Civic Centre. It is they who have given voice to the many who regarded the tower scheme as a nail in the coffin of the regeneration acheived by local enthusiasts and visionaries.

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