Saturday, March 7, 2009

One to watch out for


Coltsfoot is one of those 'daisy' type flowers; yellow and discreet. It is a harbinger or herald of spring, one which grabs its brief place in the weak sunshine of quiet days like yesterday close by to 'threatening' Battlefield which Metnor Group plc and the Newcastle City Council wish to 're-shape'. Maybe they will overlook this strange and beautiful little plant which in any case grows among the rubbish and litter where more tender plants do not.

The name comes from the flower heads on the end of the silky green and white stems that, before the flower head breaks open, resemble the outsize hooves of young horses – hence colt. Perhaps also it is something about spring, pagan beliefs, foaling horses, or the return of the sun. I found these specimens too late* to capture the 'hoof' like heads.

I shall consult.

Long low shadows of late afternoon.

*CORRECTION! I should examine my own photographs more carefully! If you look at the bottom of my first photograph you will notice the 'hoof-shaped' flowerheads.

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