Saturday, February 21, 2009

Northward bound

The sun is now clearly heading north ...

Songs burst from bushes as the early birds tune up, undaunted by recent snow. I walked over the Battlefield open space at the beginning of the week and tried to find the first signs of spring; shoots and buds. Unfortunately, I had forgot to check my camera setting (a simple and ever reliable compact) and the results were washed out and blurred. Yesterday I tried again and this time ... Well, judge for yourselves.

A warmer day with rain soon expected.

Daffodil's are pushing up through the thick layer of leaf litter like bunches of blades. Yet, even the delicate Snow drop makes it seem simple.

One I made earlier. This right beside a path and less than a foot from the ground. No indication of how successful this family of thrushes were.

Nettle in flower already.

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