Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The Fifth of November ... less about plots than pagan rites, Halloween (All Hollows Eve) the time when the spirits of the dead were frightened away.

How I wish the bangs and showers of sparks would frighten away those whose ambition is to fence in and privatise today's open space (Metnor and the University of Northumbria's plans are so formulated that that is the only reasonable conclusion one can draw from viewing them).

Why so?

Well, Metnor (or their appointed PR representives) assured me that Battlefield (which they do not own incidentally) is a threatening place, run down and uninviting. They even 'closed down' a thriving Italian restaurant alongside the open space the better perhaps to underline their point, but that is another story ...

While we still have it (and Metnor have decided to revise their plans) here is the "threatening' Battlefield open space to enjoy for at least one more early winter's night.

Footnote to Newcastle City Councillors: It is permitted to reply to an e-mail. It is quite easy but if you require assistance I am sure there are paid IT people on hand at the Civic Centre to help you.

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