Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bog or standard? We do both!

Metnor don't do architecture: They build for clients. Here are two images of 'projects' which Metnor, chosen by Newcastle City Council to 'do up' the Battlefield and City Stadium open spaces, have brought to fruition, if that is the right word.

Very clean ...

Oh, dear ...

In truth I do not care how Metnor and the University of Northumbria house the University's students. That is between themselves and the students (known in the trade these days as 'units'). What does concern me is that Newcastle City Council has decided that any scheme on the former paint factory site – Offices? No! 'Environmental' offices! No, the market has collapsed... Apartments! No... Too much poison in the soil and the credit crunch. Wait a minute, student flats! – is also license to do some 're-construction' on "threatening"* open space neither Metnor nor the University of Northumbria owns. Who put that idea into their collective heads?

I ask again: When did the City Council decide upon this? Under what measure and how did our local councillors vote? Because there was a vote, wasn't there?

* The exact word used by a PR representative to me at one of the public viewings of this tawdry scheme. "Tawdry" is my word incidentally.

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