Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Blue House Roundabout scandal

Somewhat Off Topic but none the worse for that. Newcastle City Council are proposing to turn yet more of the Town Moor, one of the most extraordinary open spaces left in the country, into tar mac. A huge roundabout – the scale of this effort is staggering – is planned to take the stress out of driving through Newcastle.

Note: The 'roundabout' (sic) is the same size
as nearby allotments on Ilford Road

This plan joins a growing list that somehow characterises the Council's wonky ideas of what this city should be. The best way I know to describe this is "Not Newcastle". It should be abundantly clear to any informed observer that traffic congestion in cities cannot be solved, merely moved to somewhere else. Newcastle is a compact and attractive city in a great setting. Public transport, integrated and affordable is the solution.

There is a petition for objections and I urge you to sign. If you are so moved, you might contact the Council yourself. I am not going to bother. I have had no joy there ever.

The Petition can be found here.

Strangely, a previous study (2013) came up with a much better and cheaper idea. Detailks can be found here (pdf).

Once again Newcastle City Council's pledges to protect and guard this cities heritage is thrown under the, er, private motor car.

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