Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ouseburn Walk Part the Three

The final part of an early year check up on what has been happening in the Lower Ouseburn.

Some new developments – the Byker Bridge Housing Association apartments for one – are welcome. Lower down besides the infamous barrage, sustainable housing has created a blot on the landscape. Whatever the merits of the buildings as energy efficient dwellings, the architectural short comings are obvious, and at this date, somewhat puzzling. How did the plans get approved? Desperation might be the answer.

Sustainable 'architecture'

After all, the Council needs to generate a lot of income to pay the charges on the debt run up by the 6 million plus GBP Ouseburn Barrage.

Otherwise the photographs show why Ouseburn has been a wasting asset in this city. A wonderful combination of topography, industrial heritage and natural regeneration. It seems able to cope with whatever is thrown at it by those without eyes to see.

Link to photographic slideshow here.

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