Monday, July 28, 2014

Fast Track

I got my camera back from where I had left it and hurried to catch up on the building of the new cycle track across Battlefield. As I began photographing, a couple who live near by spoke to me. They had come to see the destruction first hand. It had come as a nasty shock to them also. As far as we could see, the current pathway, divided equally between pedestrians and cyclists, was adequate. Both were outraged as myself to see what now lay besides the path.

The fallen of this Battlefield had been 'done in' all right. Sawn off at the stump, large pieces lay in the sunshine awaiting collection. From the position of the trees it was easy to work out the intended alignment of the new track, straighter than at present. This could only be for one reason: Speed.

What is taking shape is nothing less than a road. The simple printed notice strung innocently to a lamp post states there will be 'haven's' along the roadway. Havens are places of safety. Why would one need such places here? I think I know the answer.

Meanwhile, here is a tribute to some harmless trees, brought down to satisfy 'a cunning plan' to recruit that growing constituency of cyclists to local political allegiance.

In Newcastle it may be truly said – "plus ca change, plus c'est la même chose …"

Battlefield 28.07.14

I will follow this story as work proceeds.

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