Monday, June 2, 2014

Threatening ...

… Rain, as it happens, rather than undesirables (or local types as I would name them). An eager young PR man in a jacket and tie, like we saw on 'mockumentaries' such as '2012' or 'WiA' (two very funny British send ups of the London Olympic organisation and the BBC) took pains to warn me a few years back. He told me that parts of the open space I call Battlefield were 'threatening'. He was being handsomely paid (at least I hope so; I'd hate to think anyone does these sorts of smear jobs for free…) by my beloved Council to parcel up the open space and hand it over to a university and property developer (are they actually different entities nowadays?) to dispose as they wished. Covered with tarmac and rented out by the square yard for car parking was and remains my best guess.

Open space has plenty of champions, but no friends in high places.

The rain when it came was 'soft' as the Scots say; that fine warmish stuff of summer. A couple of days of reasonable weather has broken but I needed to get out whatever the conditions.

So, I set off on my walk to the supermarket in lovely Byker to record what I saw; nothing amazing just the ordinary we walk past much of the time, more's the pity.

A photographic record (off site link) here:–

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