Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mouth to mouth

A day of sunshine from early morning got me out with my camera.

I intended to trace the route of the Ouseburn stream from one side of the culvert it was put into by Victorian 'improvers' to the other. I did but I soon discovered I had been away from the Lower Ouseburn for too long ...

Much has been going on; what I thought might be a stroll turned into a longer walk and many thought provoking sights. Too many to pile into this post. So I will restrain myself and hold to my first and original purpose to take a modest stroll in Spring sunshine. The rest will have to wait.

Ouseburn 25.02.14

As is now usual for this blog, I am posting photographic albums that are stored off site. Please open in a new tab if you don't want to lose the link to BtB.

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