Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amor by Derlon

Amor ... Love.

That I got fairly quickly. I even tumbled after a while to the subject in hand; Adam and Eve and the Fall from the Garden of Eden. However, this is no lamentation when applied to a fine mural that's gone on to a specially created site next to the Byker Bridges.

By good fortune I met the artist when strolling about with my camera. Try as I might I could not grasp the pronunciation of his name, spoken softly in Portuguese. I have no Portuguese and 'Derlon' had little English. I wonder if he thought this heat was normal?

The next time I wandered down the mural was completed and signed. I take the artist's name from his signature.

Sunshine, days of it and the wonderful sense of the transformation of space that art brings.

What's wrong about that exactly?

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