Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip


For a while I have been considering expanding my field of view, beyond the strip of open ground I called 'Battlefield', to take in the areas flanking either side of the site overlooking the Lower Ouseburn.

In fact, I have been drifting for a while. I have simply recognised something which is happening and now have to choose to formalise it.

All right. Here goes.

I have walked around the western side of the Battlefield area, into Shieldfield and beside the ever busy east west New Bridge Street, now a grim urban strip, and over the road bridge to Byker. It has become one large building site and the activity – mad scramble – one of erecting vast blocks of housing for students.

Shieldfield is already a University dormitory. These developments will increase the 'bed space' by a factor of two or three. Such is the present scene.

I have posted more photographs on this site's flickr stream. Please take a moment to view these if you have time.

I will be writing more on this wave of developments in the near future.

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