Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The rise of the machines

The weather did not improve but I returned anyway with fresh batteries for my camera to capture some of the activity taking place on the site of the old paint factory.

The large building behind is an existing University hall of residence. Converted from offices into private apartments, it was abandoned in an unfinished condition for many months until it was bought up for student housing some years ago.

No skate boarders today. Rain stopped play?

But they have (for now) left their mark.

More soon including some of the beauty which nearby "threatening" Battlefield has to offer in this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ...


Johnny said...


I've been reading through your blog recently after looking for news on developments in the Ouseburn, Shieldfield, Battlefield, Manors area. Nice work. I am just writing to invite you to the new Newcastle Sub-forum at Skyscrapercity where we discuss new developments, our opinions on them, parts of Newcastle and so on. I think you'd have a lot to offer.

anyway give it a check here:

All the best,

Anton Deque said...

Thanks Johnny. skyscrapercity was worth a visit even if it did scare the pants off me.