Monday, January 12, 2009

Mood Indigo

Hot news about Indigo, a Public Relations company retained by joint client's Metnor Group plc and (possibly inter alia) the University of Northumbria to smoothly manage their joint scheme to build a 2000 bed student ghetto on the former paint factory site at Portland Road. My interest centres on 'their' revealed plans for the City Stadium open space alongside, called here Battlefield.

Could this possibly be the the same Indigo which is helping to smooth the passage of a new mega Mosque in east London, now embroiled in controversy? Was it indeed an Indigo representative that spoke to me at one of the public presentations I attended? One who described the adjacent and soon to be felled and ploughed up City Stadium as "threatening"?

Quote: "And the PR advisers for the project, Indigo, recently announced that the much-delayed mosque master plan will be published by mid-year."

It seems they will have a tougher job in east London than they can have had with the always compliant Newcastle City Council.

See story here.

(Hat tip: Harry's Place.)

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