Monday, February 11, 2008

Why we fight

All over this land there are groups of local people giving up time and energy to defend something, a place, a building or community resource from being swept away. The motives for removal usually arrive draped in language of crushing mediocrity:

"We (?) must not stop [stand in the way of] progress ..."

"There will be job opportunities ..."

These campaigners frequently are said to be 'nimbys'; as representing a 'vested interest' – something no one could accuse developers of having.

Well, here is my riposte: I took these today and are they not glorious? Proud to be stopping progress, nimby to the core!

(Normal service will be resumed soon when I have some more correspondence to put up concerning the suspended 2002 plans for 'developing' the paint factory for offices and gifting the nearby open space to the developer for car parking.)

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