Monday, April 28, 2008

Deep Breaths

The BBC are running a series on those informal, frequently small scale, 'green spaces' which are important to local people's everyday lives.

You can find out more by going to –

or click the headline 'Deep Breaths' above.

The philosophy behind this initiative is admirable. Most of the time the big problems in life overwhelm our ability to respond adequately. Not unreasonably people shrug their shoulders and think "What can I do on my own?" But here around us are things we can manage or celebrate and through this our small contribution can build into a bigger achievement. In an age of easy and well (over even) fed cynicism this is a signpost to fulfilment. I do not know, nor do I care to learn why seeing a tiny flower emerge and cover a field in profusion, or the sight of a sharp winged Kestrel slicing away over the house tops and television aerials or a blackbird out singing traffic lifts the spirit – but it does.

This is why I set up this blog. To celebrate the minor key genius of an ordinary place.

Friday, April 4, 2008

April is a coming in

March roared like a lion all right. Days of wind, rain, hail stones and cold nights. However, the first few days of April have seen sunshine return and even warmth. Will it last?

Here are some recent shots of the 'fresh shoots of spring' taken on 3rd April 2008.

Emerging Daisies Bellis perennis

Blackthorn Prunus spinosa flowers

Ornamental cherry tree Prunus species

Alder tree Alnus glutinosa

A patch of bright Celendines Runuculus ficaria 

To come: You haven't seen anything yet! The potential that lies in the Ouseburn valley.